About Joe


Joe Cline is a certified and insured personal trainer based out of the greater Birmingham area. He has extensive experience and success in competitive powerlifting and bodybuilding, winning medals and awards from national-level competitions. Joe teaches fitness and training from his wealth of knowledge based on a combination of academic interest and personal experience. His concepts and methods are proven through science, his own success, and the success stories of his clients!


Joe’s interest in fitness dates back to his involvement in competitive sports, and later his service in the military, which naturally led to his interest in both competitive power-lifting and body building. Years of training and competing with top fitness athletes has gained him a depth and breadth of knowledge that you will rarely find. This is why all of his clients will learn to be confident and proficient in bio-mechanics, form, training cues, and proper technique on every exercise.

Proper Form & Safety

While training with Joe, you will learn how to safely and confidently execute compound lifts, gain power and strength, isolate muscles, and transform your body how you see fit. Joe constantly learns and adapts with the latest developments in science as related to personal fitness, strength training, muscle building, and body building. You will learn not only how to execute exercises, but why you are doing the exercise, so you can begin to understand training concepts and feel confident on your own when you walk in a gym.

Flexible Training Options

Although Joe has an excellent partnership with local gyms and fitness studios in Birmingham, and trains many clients there, his services are not limited to this location. Prior to recent changes with global health concerns (the COVID-19 pandemic), Joe was already pushing the boundaries of traditional training locations. At JClineFitness, the goals and needs of clientele take precedence over gym memberships. This is why Joe offers online training, outdoor training, mobile training, and assisted training sessions, all from the comfort of your office, home, or location of your choosing. Many clients appreciate the luxury and convenience of an experienced, certified, and insured personal trainer that brings the gym atmosphere and equipment to you! Save time, save money, stay safe, and still exceed all of your training goals.