Training Locations

Salvation Fitness Gym

Some of my clients choose to meet and train at Salvation Fitness on Magazine St in New Orleans for a variety of reasons. This gym has a very private, intimate setting, primarily used as a personal training studio. Here you will not find big crowds or have to wait for equipment. The prime location on Magazine Street in the Garden District in uptown NOLA also provides a safe environment with many amenities for before or after your workout, including the ever popular and delicious French Truck Coffee, located in the same building just one floor below us.

At Home Personal Training

I have a growing number of fitness clients in New Orleans who simply prefer to get their workout in at home. Whether it be for difficulty traveling, personal health and safety, or convenience on a tight schedule, at-home personal training in NOLA is a unique solution that lets me bring the gym to you. With a custom diet and workout plan, we can crush those personal training goals from the comfort of your own home!

Online Training

Online personal training is rapidly growing in popularity due to its price and convenience. If you’re looking for a customized diet and workout plan to fit your body and personal goals, without the time commitment of meeting in-person, then the online training option is for you. With the current prevalence of social distancing, online personal training is also a safe way to see a significant boost in your results, physique, and overall performance.