Muscle Building

Muscle building or “bodybuilding” is the center and staple of all training. While you probably have no interest in being a bodybuilder, this style of training is ideal for those that want to effectively and safely get stronger, cut fat, or transform their body in an way. This style of training can be applied to anyone, and allows work around any physical limitations they might have. Muscle building is crucial to correcting posture, muscle imbalances, and weaknesses, as well as transforming your body. When you learn to properly and effectively isolate and train muscles, you’ll be blown away at the progress you will make and the strength that you already had!

Power Lifting

Powerlifting refers to executing compound lifts in an explosive and athletic manner. This type of training can be scaled to, and applied to any client! Learning to safely execute lifts such as the squat, bench, and deadlift will give you tremendous strength gains and physique improvement. This type of functional training will help you continue to feel strong, healthy, and injury free. It improves posture, increases bone density, and keeps you looking and feeling good. Once you start, you’ll be amazed at how fast your strength goes up!

Weight Management & Fat Loss

If your primary goal is weight management and fat loss, you have come to the right place. Your sessions will be geared towards your specific goals and modified to your ability level. Steady state cardio, high-intensity interval training, kettle bells, TRX, and circuit training are all tools that will be used to help you make continuous progress, while spending minimal amounts of time on the treadmill. If you are ready to make a change in your life, and look and feel healthy, I can show you how to do it. Contact me now for a free initial consultation.

Customized Goal-Oriented Dieting

If you are wanting to customize your body, then you absolutely must customize your diet. Whether you’re trying to gain muscle, lose body fat, increase strength and performance, or manipulate your body composition in any way, you need the correct caloric content and nutrients required in order for you to accomplish your specific goals. Every person I train has a unique physique and different goals, and that’s why each person gets a unique diet, custom-tailored to their specific needs. There is no “one size fits all” solution. Contact me now to get started!

Body Transformation

As a personal trainer, there is nothing more satisfying than watching someone transform their body and seeing incredible results from their own hard work and dedication. If your goal is to drastically change the way that you look, then be ready to make some serious changes. I can give you the proper training protocol, diet, and support you need to accomplish your specific goals, but ultimately it is up to you. If you are serious about transforming your body and lifestyle, and are ready for dramatic results, contact me now to schedule a session!

Functional Athletic Mobility

Functional Athletic Mobility regimens are designed to help athletes perform at their peak level. These customized workouts will focus on your sport(s) of choice to develop and strengthen major muscles, as well as stability muscles to prevent injury. As a result, athletes can expect to see increased agility, speed, strength, and overall performance. I often work with high school and college students to help them take their game to the next level.

General Wellness

General wellness sessions are designed for clients whose primary goals are overall health and day-to-day functionality. These sessions will be designed for your specific needs. This may include improving balance, coordination, memory, flexibility, mobility, endurance, strength, or all of the above. These sessions can range from taking walks, to assisted stretching, or even light yoga. Often these clients appreciate my willingness to travel and meet them at home, work, or other convenient locations. If you or a loved one could benefit from this type of service then contact me for a free initial consultation!

Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

These programs are tailored to help recover from injuries with minimal atrophy and downtime. Rehabilitation will not only help with recovery but will also help build secondary muscles to prevent recurrence.*

Group Classes

Group classes are for those looking to have a good time with others while getting their sweat on. These workouts include exercises for people of all levels of fitness and are great for those who like diversity.

Assisted Stretching

Do you suffer from chronic back or neck pain? Sore and stiff from sitting at a desk all day? Do you have muscle imbalances, poor circulation or posture, tightness, numbness or general pain?

Let me help! I will take you through a customized assisted stretching session. We will stretch the entire body, focusing on your specific needs and problematic areas. Whether at the gym, your office, you home, or a location of your choosing, this 30 minute session is sure to leave you feeling calm, focused, and energized for the rest of your day. Over time, from exercise and proper stretching, you can begin to correct posture, circulation, blood pressure, stress, and muscle imbalances. If you or a loved on could benefit from this, contact me now!

*Joe is not an occupational or physical therapist and does not offer medical advice.