Online Training

Gaining Popularity

Online personal training is rapidly growing in popularity due to its price and convenience. If you’re looking for a customized diet and workout plan to fit your body and personal goals, without the time commitment of meeting in-person, then the online training option is for you. With the current prevalence of social distancing, online personal training is also a safe way to see a significant boost in your results, physique, and overall performance.

Getting Started

The first step in starting an online personal training program is to schedule an initial consultation. During this free initial consultation, we will discuss your goals and what you want to accomplish through personal training with J Cline Fitness. Then, we will develop a custom diet, tailored to your specific needs, dietary restrictions, caloric intake, macros, etc. Next, we will create a custom and individual workout training routine, molded and built specifically for you. The combination of personalized diet and personalized workout regiment will ensure that you meet and exceed all of your fitness goals.