How To Build Yourself A Bodybuilding Workout Routine

What is a bodybuilding workout? What does it mean to be a bodybuilder? It’s really quite simple. You are training to change your physique. You are seeking improvement in your body’s appearance and aesthetics. That’s what most people are hoping for when they join a gym, but it doesn’t happen by accident. You must understand what you are doing and WHY. So here are some general tips to get you started.

  1. Start your training routine with 3-5 days of weight training MAXIMUM. 3 days is ideal for most beginners. Consistency is key. 3 days consistently, is far better than a couple weeks of hitting the gym every day. Your plan needs to be realistic and sustainable.
  2. Train 2 muscle groups every time you train.
  3. Limit the amount of sets you do per body part. For most people, 6-10 sets per muscle group is enough.
  4. Keep your training sessions short. 45 minutes to 1 hour is more than enough. Stay focused while you are training, and off of your phone. Hit it hard for 45 minutes and leave. If you need more time than this, you are either working too slow, or not using enough weight.
  5. Follow the progressive overload principle. Try to increase weight and/or reps every time you train. The goal is to get stronger.